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“Guest Blogger: Eric Young, Jr.

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What’s going on Readers? This is my first time blogging and sharing my experiences with the fans, so hopefully I don’t disappoint. 🙂 I am from Piscataway, New Jersey (P-Way). For those of you who don’t know, my father is Eric Young, Rutgers University Alumni and former Major Leaguer. I grew up in NJ though with my mother Paula (Hi Mom :-)), but visited my father on many occassions all throughout life. Most people ask me did I live with my dad, and travel to all the various cities, so for the record I lived in NJ until I was 18. Anyways, I played 3 sports growing up. Baseball, football, and basketball were the sports I played. I had no clue which direction I was going to go growing up, I just knew I was going to play ball of some sort. I finally made my decision to play baseball after I was drafted in June ’03. Most people thought I was going to play football in college, because I had signed a letter of intent to play at Villanova University outside of Philadelphia. Instead, I decided to go the draft and follow route and attend Chandler-Gilbert Community College for a year. I then signed with the Rockies (original team that drafted me) in May ’04. My parents and I both had long conversations on that particular route, and we felt it was the best fit for me and living my dream.
I come from a solid family, both on my mom side and dad side. I was always the spoiled son, grandson, nephew, etc. I think it was because I adapted to everyone easily. It was never a problem being around different people in or out my family. I’ve established relationships with many friends and their families that I still stay in touch with to this day. Shout out to my loved ones, you know who you are!
I’m playing for the Phoenix Desert Dogs while I’m out here in the Arizona Fall League. Our team is mixed with players from the Diamondbacks, Twins, Blue Jays, A’s, and the Rockies. I’m trying something new while here in the Arizona Fall League. The Rockies have asked me to add centerfield into my arsenal, so I’m learning it and giving it a try. This is my first time in the outfield professionally. Its cool. I really like the idea of increasing my chances of making the big league roster. So I’m learning the outfield in stride, so when the time comes I can be ready for that jump and play any position. I’m not neglecting second base though. I still get my daily work at second base as well. Some guys got injured few games back and I was called on to play second. Turned some double plays when I got in there. lol
Since being out in the Arizona Fall League though, I’ve had a lot of fun. The competition is top-notch! Its basically all the all-stars for every major league team’s organization in one place. You always have to be on top of your game because there’s always high level competition against you. I do believe its a privilege to be out here though. Not many people can get selected to be apart of this. Its truly a blessing to be considered one of the games prospects. Not too many 30th rounders have the opportunities to say that, so I want to say its really a blessing. Anybody out there that has a passion for the game, work hard because you never know who is watching. That one person, could be the person to open that door for you! I appreciate everyone reading, not sure if I’ll be on here again, but stay tuned!
Work hard, follow your dreams, and god bless!
-Eric Young Jr

A Fresh Start and A Day Closer

Another season has come and gone, but for those selected to the Arizona Fall League it’s a fresh start. Many of us see it as a gift, another opportunity, a time to develop, a chance to refine skills; and for others, it’s just the next step to a close dream come true.

Speaking of fresh starts…

Here’s a fun un-baseball-related fact I’m excited to share with you:

On September 27th, only 3 days before arriving in Arizona, I married my best friend, Jaclyn. Our four year dating relationship strongly withstood the test of time, long distance, and everything else life threw our way. But afterall, she is my one true Love… and has gotten to visit some pretty sweet places to see me.

Here’s a picture of our first dance! (On A Night Like This/Nothing Fancy- Dave Barnes)


I guess this is where I’m suppose to tell you a little about myself…representing the Colorado Rockies Organization, my name is Michael McKenry. Born and raised with a ball in my hand in the great state of Tennessee, I have been driven to play baseball since the age of nine. With the support of my awesome family I was able to travel with a Knoxville team all around the country, which allowed me to realize early on that this is what I am wired to do. Attending Farragut High School truly put fuel on my fire as I became interested in catching and won a State Championship my senior year. During this time I learned such an important lesson in the fact that baseball may just be a game, but through playing for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I can positively impact others. Afterall, I always try to remember I am only able to live this dream through His amazing grace. From there, I attended Middle Tennessee State University and will be a Blue Raider for life. This is where my longing to catch kicked into high gear. With great guidance and a lot of patience my hard work paid off in 2006 as I was drafted in the 7th round. From there a true adventure began, which has taken me from Pasco, WA to Asheville, NC to Honolulu, HW to Modesto, CA and now here in Pheonix, AZ. I couldn’t be more grateful for this journey, as I remind myself as much as possible of how blessed I am to play with a little boy’s heart day-in and day-out.  

As everything has gotten under way, I have felt surrounded by greatness from my first step into the lockeroom. This league is jam-packed with talent this year, and there have been so many memorable ball players that have made their way through the AFL. Each player has a burning desire to be the next ‘it’ man in baseball.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my time during the fall league with each of you. I look forward to seeing how this experience pans out. Each day we become either closer or further from the big leagues.

By His Grace,


“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrrow will worry about itself.” -Matthew 6:34