Back in Action…

I want to start by apologizing to all the readers out there for my blogging drought.  I’ve had some issues at my condo with the internet, but hopefully it has all been resolved. Enough about all that mumbo jumbo, let’s get to talking about baseball and what’s been happening the last couple weeks….

As for the Desert Dogs we are currently standing strong at 14-9 with the lead in the AFL National Division. These past couple weeks have been full of excitement as our team has gone from being the Rockies, Athletics, Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, and Twins to coming together as the Desert Dogs. The first day of stretch it was obvious who was with what organization, but now it’s a different story because everyone is mixed together. Part of this unity is due to a childish game everyone has caught onto, so if you see one of us randomly on the ground for five seconds… you’ve become a witness to THE GAME! Here’s a glimpse of where EY, Chaz & Nelly got me good in Dowtown Scottsdale: 


Another contributor of our strong meshing is due to the fact of our four-to-five designated ‘clowns,’ which were voted upon during a recent bus ride….(in designated order)

1.Shane Lindsay                               

2. J.P. Arencibia               

3. Chris Nelson 

4. Rob Delaney

5. Kyle Ginley

These guys give life to anything they are a part of and I’m really glad to be on their team!

Now to the playing side of it all, our team is full of talented players and this seems to come out more and more with each passing day. The Rockies are represented strong here in the AFL, but when it comes to the Desert Dogs any player could be the unspoken player of the day. I can’t go without giving props out to both the player and pitcher of last week: Eric Young Jr. and Jeff Manship…. BOTH DESERT DOGS! There’s no telling what the next three weeks has in store for us!!

I’ll close out this blog with an answer to a question I received from some great fans in Hawaii:

“how would you compare arizona and hawaii winter baseball….

despite the winter league had alot of japanese pitchers…..”

Without a doubt the biggest difference that has stood out to me is the greater maturity and experience here in the AFL.  Also, every team is represented here in Arizona, whereas this wasn’t the case in Hawaii. The atmosphere is similar in that both Honolulu and Phoenix offer that big city feel, but unfortunately the ocean isn’t a walk away this year. (although the Grand Canyon left me in amazement) When it all comes down to it, both Hawaii Winter League and Arizona Fall League are great steps along the minor league journey… there’s a lot to be taken from both leagues!

You decide… 


Hawaii.jpgThanks for reading and stay tunned later this week for an update!



Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transends all understanding, will gaurd your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”



Wicked sweet pictures.
Glad to hear you guys are having fun. I’m in Denver right now and terribly sad that baseball is over for those of us not in Arizona. What I wouldn’t give to be able to watch a Rox game right now–except it’s really cold.
Kylie —

Hey man, congrats on your great season so far! I’m from Knoxville as well, so I am definitely a big fan of yours. It’s great to see a local guy do so well in pro ball, good luck and keep it up!


Congratulations on the championship, man! Thanks for bringing me along on your journey with this blog. It’s been fun. Have a good year!
Kylie —

I’ll be off to Arizona for my 6th straight year. I’m very disappointed however that they have all but discontinued night games after Nov 1st. Where I would see a game every night, this year I’ll be down to just 2 ganes. Since night game attendance is MUCH better than day games, I’m as suprised as disappointed.

If anyone is out there…………..Please fix the schedule.

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