A Fresh Start and A Day Closer

Another season has come and gone, but for those selected to the Arizona Fall League it’s a fresh start. Many of us see it as a gift, another opportunity, a time to develop, a chance to refine skills; and for others, it’s just the next step to a close dream come true.

Speaking of fresh starts…

Here’s a fun un-baseball-related fact I’m excited to share with you:

On September 27th, only 3 days before arriving in Arizona, I married my best friend, Jaclyn. Our four year dating relationship strongly withstood the test of time, long distance, and everything else life threw our way. But afterall, she is my one true Love… and has gotten to visit some pretty sweet places to see me.

Here’s a picture of our first dance! (On A Night Like This/Nothing Fancy- Dave Barnes)


I guess this is where I’m suppose to tell you a little about myself…representing the Colorado Rockies Organization, my name is Michael McKenry. Born and raised with a ball in my hand in the great state of Tennessee, I have been driven to play baseball since the age of nine. With the support of my awesome family I was able to travel with a Knoxville team all around the country, which allowed me to realize early on that this is what I am wired to do. Attending Farragut High School truly put fuel on my fire as I became interested in catching and won a State Championship my senior year. During this time I learned such an important lesson in the fact that baseball may just be a game, but through playing for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I can positively impact others. Afterall, I always try to remember I am only able to live this dream through His amazing grace. From there, I attended Middle Tennessee State University and will be a Blue Raider for life. This is where my longing to catch kicked into high gear. With great guidance and a lot of patience my hard work paid off in 2006 as I was drafted in the 7th round. From there a true adventure began, which has taken me from Pasco, WA to Asheville, NC to Honolulu, HW to Modesto, CA and now here in Pheonix, AZ. I couldn’t be more grateful for this journey, as I remind myself as much as possible of how blessed I am to play with a little boy’s heart day-in and day-out.  

As everything has gotten under way, I have felt surrounded by greatness from my first step into the lockeroom. This league is jam-packed with talent this year, and there have been so many memorable ball players that have made their way through the AFL. Each player has a burning desire to be the next ‘it’ man in baseball.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my time during the fall league with each of you. I look forward to seeing how this experience pans out. Each day we become either closer or further from the big leagues.

By His Grace,


“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrrow will worry about itself.” -Matthew 6:34


HI Michael, I must say Congrats…..you have my dream job. I’ve been blogging about the Rockies since Spring training this season and now I’m just killing time now until next Spring training. I look forward to reading your entries about the Rockies from an “insiders” point of view. Good Luck…Don…RPR

Wow, congratulations and welcome to MLBlogs, Michael! I am very much looking forward to reading your stories of the AFL… I’ve always been curious and wanted to attend but, well, school tends to be a bit of an issue 🙂

Update soon, and good luck! I’m pulling for you!
Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

Well, since this entry has been updated since I commented, I guess I’ll make an amendment to my previous comment!
Your wife is beautiful. Congratulations. You’re so lucky to be able to play baseball! You seem like a very down-to-earth young man.
God bless!
Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

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