Playing for the Little Boy Inside…

The AFL season is now underway and the Desert Dogs are 1-2.  The first game we played was against the Mesa team, and they sure came out swinging. I thought that the pitchers would be way ahead of the hitters, but this wasn’t the case. Our starter Max Scherzer got hit a little during the first, but settled down to give us a quality start. As good as our pitching staff was that day, John Raynor was a one man wrecking crew. He played hard all around the field and hit a go ahead RBI double that ended up winning the game.

As far as the second game goes, it was a little different story. The Desert Dogs began leading the way with a three spot in the first inning. Mesa did not waste anytime to even the mark with a three run homerun by Morrisson (who I am very impressed with, the man can just flat swing it). Our pitching staff held the score for most of the game by only giving up one more run. Our hitting turned the game around as we brought in four runs throughout the remainder of the game. I can’t go without giving props out to J.P. Arencibia for his impressive opposite field homerun! We were up by three going into the last inning when Carigian came in, and it’s safe to say— go ahead and start the bus! He is a true competitor and a guy you want on your team. This ending caped our first AFL victory.

Our third game of the season was on the road against Peoria, a team that can powerfully swing the lumber. This game was a back and forth type of game, but in the end Peoria came out on top. Their hitters were very patient through drawing walks and getting on base, creating runs when ever possible. They have a young shortstop from the Mariners organization that can play the game through and through (a five tool player- easily)! We dropped this game falling to a 1-2 record, but we have plenty of time to step it up and get wins. The biggest down-side to this game was when Casey Weathers left the game with forearm stiffness after a strikeout in the bottom of the eighth. Please keep him in your prayers! He is one talented player, and is a big part of the Rockies future.

Thanks again for your time and feel free to ask me anything! I love the game and can talk baseball all day……

“Let God be your guide and hang tough. Follow your dreams with determination. And when you find yourself inundated with choices, do not be afraid. Be wise. Choose God’s way-choose excellence.”


McKenryCelebrates.jpg“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become, the hours of practice, the coaches who push you, the teammates who believe in you, and the fans who cheer for you, there is the little boy who fell in love with the game and never looked back. Play for him.”




Congratulations on your win! I most certainly will keep Casey in my prayers.
That picture is AWESOME.
I love your quote. It makes me sad when baseball players tell me that it’s become a job instead of a game. I understand that it’s like any other job in that you get paid for performance and if you do not perform, you are fired, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyable. I hope I will enjoy whatever career chooses me later in life, and I’m sure there are many other fine young men waiting in the wings to take over for bored players. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your gift.
God bless and keep up the fantastic work!
Kylie —

Congrats on your new wife. It was a pleasure working with you this year and a pleasure meeting Jaclyn. Thank you for always working hard to be a good example for Christ on the field. I have always found that to be one of the toughest things for me to do, on field, and you have diffinitely inspired me to work harder on that by your actions. Say hi to Jaclyn for me and I hope I get to work with you in the future. -Brian

I just read that Casey has to have Tommy John Surgery. He is in my prayers, as is the rest of your team.
Kylie —

hi mike…..well ill keep casey in my prayers and hope for a fas recovery….also hope ur your having fun out in arizona…happy to see you making a move up the ladder….how would you compare arizona and hawaii winter baseball….despite the winter league had alot of japanese pitchers…..

your dirty bag fans from hawaii

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